We are now in our tenth month of this global pandemic, and as time continues to pass we are all finding ways to live in this "new normal." This giving season, we look back to appreciate the silver lining we have managed to find and the community we have built.


Today, we look ahead with hope. 

Since April, Ballaro Dance has continued to define our mission through thoughtful actions. We have developed more ways to SEE, MOVE, & SHARE during this challenging time than we could have ever imagined. 


Here is a review by the numbers. Since April we've...

Hosted 30+ MOVE: Community Classes 

Hosted 10 YAPPY HOUR Conversations 

Created 5 New Films

Developed 4 New Dances

Presented 2 Watch Parties
Presented 2 (live) Zoom Performances

Hosted Blooms in the Barn with Ballaro Dance at Appleberry Farm in Sandy Hook, CT 

And...We Launched a 
YouTube Series!
For Ballaro Dance, the silver lining of this year is that we have found ways to connect with members of our community locally, and beyond. We have reevaluated what it means to SEE, MOVE, & SHARE across the miles, and from behind a screen.
Hear a few Silver Lining Stories from beloved members of our community: 


Ballaro Dance is a New York City based modern dance company performing the work of Marisa f. Ballaro.


The dances are about physical space, music, and time. Small gestures are brought to life while making meaning through storytelling.