Check out a short clip of some of our favorite repertory works!  



Stairway To Nowhere (2016)

Music: David Schanzer

Length: 6 minutes




E (2016)

Music: David Schanzer

Length: 10 minutes




Jazz For Six (2016)

Music: David Schanzer

Length: 10 minutes




Untitled (2015) 

Performed 2017 

Music: Apocalyptica 

Length: 5 minutes 




Brothers and Sisters (2015)

Length: 55 min


This investigation of Roman Catholic faith explores the imagery, stories, and music that is witnessed and shared by a congregation.  While paralleling the structure of a traditional mass, it will bring to life unique elements that provide relevance for the world in which we live. Brothers and Sisters has been presented in both proscenium theater and church venues in its full 55 minute form and in shortened excerpts as needed. 



Ballaro Dance is a New York City based modern dance company performing the work of Marisa f. Ballaro.


The dances are about physical space, music, and time. Small gestures are brought to life while making meaning through storytelling.