Stairway To Nowhere (2016)

Music: David Schanzer

Length: 6 minutes




E (2016)

Music: David Schanzer

Length: 10 minutes




Jazz For Six (2016)

Music: David Schanzer

Length: 10 minutes




Untitled (2015) 

Performed 2017 

Music: Apocalyptica 

Length: 5 minutes 




Brothers and Sisters (2015)

Length: 55 min


This investigation of Roman Catholic faith explores the imagery, stories, and music that is witnessed and shared by a congregation.  While paralleling the structure of a traditional mass, it will bring to life unique elements that provide relevance for the world in which we live.  Brothers and Sisters has been presented in both proscenium theater and church venues in its full 55 minute form and in shortened excerpts as needed. 


MacArthur Drive (2012)

Music: Jackie McLean

Length: 10 min


MacArthur Drive is the street I grew up on in Williamsville, NY, a suburb of Buffalo. Our lives are shaped by the environment that surrounds us, and my story is no different. This dance is the beginning of my investigation of those people and circumstances, and how it has created the person I currently am. It's also an invitation for you to begin the same investigation.


Additional version of the piece available to view.


Vivaldi (2008)

Music: Vivaldi (Yo Yo Ma, Bobby McFerrin)

Length: 8 min


Vivaldi (duet and solo sections) explores the call and response of vocals and strings through the call and response of relationships -- this one is sisters, friends, confidants. The leader and follower roles of the two performers shift to allow growth and change for each. The circles created in space and in the body reflect the ongoing, and the plucking of strings, or the heartbeat, keeps time. The soloist is left stronger at the end of the duet to express her independence and her strength. The soloist's movement is about focus, suspension, and circularity of the torso, while remaining grounded.



Catch Flow (2006)

Music: Philip Glass

Length: 7 min


Catch Flow is about momentum, energy, and the force of a group. The ongoing whirlwind of this piece resonates in unending motion as the lights and music fade. The use of entrances and exits allow movement to continue even after dancers have exited the space, creating a seemingly endless snip-it that audience members have happened to stumble upon.




Ballaro Dance is a New York City based modern dance company performing the work of Marisa f. Ballaro.


The dance is about physical space, music, and time. Much of the choreography is fast paced, energetic, and playful, utilizing the dynamics of group versus solo work, with intricate spatial patterning and unison canon phrases used to shape space.