Photos: Ashley Garrett 


Embedded Memories:

the imprints of our scars and the stories they leave behind

a dance & light collaboration with Allison Patrick of Aster + Quail; original live music composition by Glen Fittin



Embedded Memories is rooted in honoring personal histories through the lens of scars and their images which live permanently on, and inside of, our bodies. Investigating the memories and stories these imprints hold, we can learn from one another and promote community healing.


Inspired by Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery while highlighting the areas of breakage, golden accents illuminate the stories through numerous lighted lanterns in the installation space ranging in size from 6'' - 36'' and inventive light pieces affixed to the dancers’ bodies. The sunset performance brings our scars to life through light.


Audience members can go deeper into the process of experiencing the work by participating in SHARE: Community Imprints, a creative healing station to honor the scar stories of our community. Gifting stories through writing, drawing, or a photograph will be available during the performances of Embedded Memories and more details will be available on site at each performance. 


Community MOVERS will also have an opportunity to participate in creative workshops capturing their own MOVE: Community Imprints in actions and gestures. Participating community members will have an opportunity to share their creations in a pre-show site-specific performance.


Upcoming Performances of Embedded Memories and opportunities to leave your Community Imprint




Embedded Memories at

Ramapo College, Healing Hands Festival

February 2022


Ballaro Dance is a New York City based modern dance company performing the work of Marisa f. Ballaro.


The dances are about physical space, music, and time. Small gestures are brought to life while making meaning through storytelling.