Happy International Women's Day!


Happy International Women's Day from the fabulous ladies of Ballaro Dance! We wish you a day spent realizing how incredible you are, and what kind of power women can hold.


Whether artists, doctors, teachers, moms, neighbors, book lovers, friends.... we hope you take pride in being YOU today and surrounding yourself with other wonderful women. 


We hold the power to create change and to make an impact. 


We hope you take your right and privilege seriously, and have some fun while you do it! 


Yahoo for women, today and EVERYDAY! 

Our Mission:

Ballaro Dance values community and collaboration at its core. Through ongoing opportunities to SEE, MOVE, & SHARE together in and through dance, the Company takes pride in cultivating an approachable, welcoming environment. Through each project and collaboration, Ballaro Dance continues to redefine how to effectively share dance through unique sensory-based experiences while inviting audience members to act as participants, generating a longer-lasting impact on community.

Our Identity:

We dance to engage with people; we choreograph to tell stories; we produce art to build community.