Embedded Memories & Community Footprints 
Friday, June 21 | Doors open at 7:15pm 

Carroll Hall | 2 Vandervoort Pl, Brooklyn 11237

Shimmer ($15)
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Firefly ($10)
Discounted General Admission ticket available for Students, Artists, Veterans, & Seniors.

Radiance (Complimentary)
An invitation for CF fighters and their family to attend as our guests! Please email 
share@ballarodance.com to reserve your ticket today.

Tickets are available via Venmo @ Marisa-Ballaro (please pay as 'friend' with the last four digits: 0430). Select a ticket level that suits you & provide your email address to receive day-of performance information. Questions? Email 
share@ballarodance.com. This event is supported by an Impact Grant from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

More about the event: Doors open at 7:15pm for an immersive evening of creativity, collaboration, and community in the garden at Carroll Hall. Tour through our community scar exhibit with a site-specific exploration of CF: Community Footprints; SEE the illuminated installation performance of Embedded Memories by Hannah Dillenbeck, Tessa Fungo, and Jen Silver; post-show audience members will SHARE in conversation over “Twilight Treats” with the community. Please note there are frequent pollinators in season: bees, butterflies, and other small insects will be active in the garden.

CF: Community Footprints

Creative Movement Residency & Performance Opportunity

April-June of 2024 | Virtually on Zoom


Missed the information session, but you still want to learn more?!

Listen HERE to a quick 12-minute description with the project facilitator!


CF: Community Footprints is a new iteration of an existing project which focuses on building community through weekly, virtual sessions including facilitated movement activities, writing and reflection, conversation, and the development of both abstract and literal gestures and movement phrases. The project culminates in a collaborative dance piece made by the session participants. CF: Community Footprints is an exchange of stories and personal histories tailored for the CF community (both people living with Cystic Fibrosis as well as an invitation to their personal support networks) based off of the existing Community Imprints project facilitated by Founding Artistic Director of NYC-based Ballaro Dance, Marisa f. Ballaro. No previous movement or dance training is needed to participate - just a willingness to explore movement and storytelling with others.

The creative movement sessions are rooted in sensory awareness; participants will look inward while reflecting on their own personal experiences. The project aims to promote healing, both individual and community, through a reflection of scars, including both physical scars that live on our bodies permanently or those that may be internal or hidden living within us.


Each Zoom session will begin with a movement warm-up; the participants will explore improvisational activities centered on storytelling, personal memories, and movement gestures. The participants will be guided to create their own mini-dance about a personal story or memory of their choosing. Each participant will contribute to the development of a large group movement exploration. Participants will be invited to attend a culminating event in New York City on June 21st where they can perform the created movement pieces - if desired - in an outdoor celebration.


Five participant groups will attend 6-weekly Zoom sessions leading to the project's culminating event:

  • Tuesdays,  April 30-June 11 (except May 14): 5:00pm-6:15pm EST, Youth ages 10 to 18 with CF 
  • Tuesdays, April 30-June 11 (except May 14): 6:30pm-7:45pm EST,  Adults ages 19+ with CF
  • Tuesdays, April 30-June 11 (except May 14): 8:00pm-9:15pm EST, Friends/Family of those with CF 
  • Wednesdays, May 1-June 12 (except June 5): 6:30pm-7:45pm EST, Youth ages 10 to 18 with CF
  • Wednesdays, May 1-June 12 (except June 5): 8:00pm-9:15pm EST, Adults ages 19+ with CF 


Participants who are able to perform in the culminating event will structure the live performance piece in an additional Zoom session on Tuesday, June 18 (6-9pm EST) and on site in rehearsal at Carroll Hall in Brooklyn on Friday, June 21 (6-7pm) before the event begins at 7:15pm. Those unable to perform will be invited to film a clip of their movement solo to be included in an installation projection.



In essence, CF: Community Footprints aims to change the perspective of our scars from a symbol of trauma to a symbol of healing. Social pressures often teach us that we should hide our scars and conceal their stories but a scar’s visible imprint, or hidden emotional memory, can forever change the way a person sees themselves. CF: Community Footprints demonstrates that by choosing to share the stories of our wounds with others through collaborative movement experiences, we can find individual and community healing. People can associate new memories with their “scar story” and develop an alternate aesthetic appreciation for it.


This project utilizes personal histories as an entry to self reflection, creativity, empathy, memory, and ultimately, healing. CF: Community Footprints, is a creative residency which uses conversation, reflection, and collaborative art making to spark meaningful connections between people. By engaging with their personal histories or “scar stories,” participants will have a transformative experience creating new perspectives while acknowledging previous experiences as valuable and meaningful parts of us. 


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This project is supported by an Impact Grant awarded from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


Previous Community Imprints participants in Sandy Hook, CT in 2021
Previous Community Imprints participants in Sandy Hook, CT in 2021
Previous Community Imprints participants in New York, NY in 2022
Previous Community Imprints participants in New York, NY in 2022
A previous Community Imprints participant in Brockport, NY in 2021
A previous Community Imprints participant in Brockport, NY in 2021

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Ballaro Dance values community and collaboration at its core. Through ongoing opportunities to SEE, MOVE, & SHARE together in and through dance, the Company takes pride in cultivating an approachable, welcoming environment. Through each project and collaboration, Ballaro Dance continues to redefine how to effectively share dance through unique sensory-based experiences while inviting audience members to act as participants, generating a longer-lasting impact on community.

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