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The Distance
Saturday, October 21 | 7:30pm
Sunday, October 22 | 5:00pm
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More about the “The Distance”:

Choreographer Marisa f. Ballaro develops “The Distance” inspired by her own physical experiences with shadowboxing.

The expressive output felt by performing the highly physical movements of the form is a daring place to be, especially - she realized - for a woman.

The piece is structured like a typical (male) boxing match with 12-three minute rounds followed by 60-second “breaks.” Unlike traditional theater performances, there will be no backstage area for the performers to hide; they will show it all in a raw, naked space - like athletes do. The movement is compact, punchy and, at times, luxurious. It captures the beauty and intensity of this dynamic sport. The piece invites the performers to push their bodies to the limit…to “The Distance.”

Meet the Collaborators: Dance performance by Hannah Dillenbeck, Tessa Fungo, Jen Silver, Alexandra Love Strouse, and Marina Vianello. Piano and violin score recorded by Angela Kim and Clara Kim. Film by Zoran Prodanovic. Lighting by Xotchil Musser. Self-produced by Ballaro Dance, “The Distance” is part of the @ Abrons Series

Our Mission:

Ballaro Dance values community and collaboration at its core. Through ongoing opportunities to SEE, MOVE, & SHARE together in and through dance, the Company takes pride in cultivating an approachable, welcoming environment. Through each project and collaboration, Ballaro Dance continues to redefine how to effectively share dance through unique sensory-based experiences while inviting audience members to act as participants, generating a longer-lasting impact on community.

Our Identity:

We dance to engage with people; we choreograph to tell stories; we produce art to build community.