SEE Us Next Week!

Come SEE Ballaro Dance In Action Next Weekend! 


Join us on Saturday, December 8th for a unique opportunity to experience an underground site-specific solo performance by Lacey Birch. Stop by anytime between 1:30pm - 2:30pm to be in on the action while it's being captured for a filming. Just walk down the stairs at the 96th Street Q Train Station in Manhattan (94th Street entrance) or swipe your MetroCard at another station and ride uptown to find us.


Either way, we hope you can make it! 

And, we promise, it will definitely be worth the $2.75. 


Ballaro Dance is a New York City based modern dance company performing the work of Marisa f. Ballaro.


The dances are about physical space, music, and time. Small gestures are brought to life while making meaning through storytelling.